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40 Ton Trawl Winches

Case Studies

40 Ton Trawl Winches

The owners of a 41m RSW Pelagic Fishing Vessel built in 1999 turned to EK Marine Ltd to custom design, build and install two new 40 ton spilt trawl winches when they chose to increase the vessels trawling capacity.

EK Marine Ltd’s extensive knowledge of the hydraulic systems aboard the modern pelagic fishing vessels allows us to specify, build and install new equipment to increase the vessels capacity often maintaining the original hydraulic supply without the expense of upgrading prime movers, pumps and control systems.

Project Detail

EK Marine Ltd designed built and installed two 40 ton capacity split trawl winches to up grade and increase the trawling capacity of a 41m RSW pelagic fishing vessel.

An initial survey was carried out of the vessel to assess the capacity of the current equipment, the existing winch beds together with the volumes and pressures available hydraulic control system. The survey results were used to specify and design the new winches with an increased capacity of 20% over the existing whilst still being able to work with the existing hydraulic supply.

The winches were built in house by our production team, and delivered to the vessel in its home port site using the companies own flat bed crane lorry, installation was then carried out by our hydraulic fitters and engineers.

Division: Winches & Hydraulics
Client: Pelagic RSW Vessel
Date: June 2014
Site: EK Marine Ltd
Location: Killybegs, County Donegal, Ireland