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Marine Cranes

EKM Marine Cranes

Design, Manufacture and Installation

EK Marine Ltd designs manufactures marine deck cranes materials and net handling equipment under the brand EKM. Our commitment to quality, specification and innovation means that the brand is gaining a loyal following and is being specified for the latest generation of vessels

We have a range of cranes that can be manufactured from stock items or alternatively we custom design a crane to suit a specific vessels exacting requirement.

Stiff Boom Cranes

  • Standard designs from 2 to 50 ton metre capacity.
  • Custom designs for larger capacity,, sea state and radius.
  • Varying pedestal height, straight or bent booms.
  • Winches of varying line pull and wire capacity.
  • Local and or remote control.
  • Continuous slewing option for cranes of all sizes.

Knuckle Boom Cranes

  • Standard designs from 2 to 50 ton metre capacity.
  • Custom designs for larger capacity, boom configuration, sea state and radius.
  • Winches of varying line pull and wire capacity.
  • Winch, power block or winch and power block options
  • Local and or remote control.

Fishing Power Blocks

  • Power blocks designed specifically for purse seining, seining and trawling.
  • Standard designs from 450mm diameter to 900mm diameter.
  • Custom design and manufacture available to allow for vessel specific requirements.
  • Manufactured using saltwater corrosion resistant aluminium

Net Manufacture and Delivery Equipment

Custom designed spreads to allow for the handling of nets, ropes and wire during the manufacture and delivery of trawl nets.

  • Power Blocks and Cranes
  • Storage Drums and Winches
  • Delivery Trucks


  • Specified and manufactured to be operated in and withstand the offshore marine environment
  • 360 degree constant rotation option on cranes of all sizes
  • Capable of lifting design load at maximum radius
  • Steel components are shot blasted, metalized, primed and epoxy coated.
  • Cylinder rams are stainless steel
  • Hydraulic Piping and flexible pipe fittings are stainless steel.
  • Remote and local operating options
  • Electric hydraulic option with power pack housed in crane base

Case Studies

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