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Blast Cleaning & Coating

EKM Blast Cleaning & Coating

Corrosion Protection of Metal Surfaces

EK Marine Ltd provides the deck equipment it builds for the marine industries with the ultimate corrosion protection available, we achieve this by:-

Preparing the metal surfaces by blast cleaning to SA 2.5 using copper oxide blast medium to remove all mill scale, rust and impurities.
Metalizing using a flame applied hot zinc coating.
Application of a multi coat high specification two pack epoxy coating.

The high capacity capability of our coatings team, equipment and purpose built facilities means that we can offer or blast cleaning and the application of corrosion prevention coatings to customers as a stand alone service.

Industries that we work in:-

  • Fishing & Aquaculture
  • Marine & Offshore
  • Utilities & Renewable Energy
  • Manufacturing

Blast Cleaning

Blast cleaning is used to remove mill scale, rust grease, dirt and old coatings from a metal surface, prior to the application of anti corrosion and protective coatings. the process also roughens the profile of the surface meaning that the new coatings when applied achieve maximum adhesion.

The blast mediums we use are derived from metal oxides which enable us to rapidly prepare the metal surface whilst not causing contamination or risks to health.

Work is carried out in our purposely constructed blast building which is equipped with high capacity ventilation and lighting together with high clearance doors, lifting equipment and work piece supports. Which combined with our highly trained and experienced operatives allows us to work to the highest standards.


Metalizing or thermal spray coating is a process which provides superior corrosion resistance to steel and iron compared with conventional methods of paint coating. Zinc or Aluminium zinc alloy wire is fed into a gas flame at a controlled rate where it is atomised which when it makes contact with the surface being coated it becomes bonded to it. The coating can be built up in protective layers which can then act as a sacrificial anode protecting the underlying metal. The coating is commonly over coated with conventional epoxy paints to match surrounding metalwork or alternatively it can be left bare.


We apply multi coat epoxy paints to provide superior corrosion protection to machinery, equipment and structures that will be exposed to either the marine or other corrosive environments. Application is to the coating manufacturers recommendations using airless or wet spraying techniques by trained and highly skilled operatives working in the controlled environment of our purpose built paint shop.

Quality is maintained by monitoring of the environment in the paint shop, NDT testing of the applied coatings, and is over seen by our QA department operating to our certified ISO 9001:2008 quality manual.

We apply the following manufacturers coatings:-

  • International
  • Jotun
  • Hempel


We carry out blast cleaning, coating application and painting on site for our customers using a highly portable spread of equipment which combined with specialist access equipment allows our highly trained and skilled team to work on even the most in accessible structures. Health safety and environmental procedures are paramount when carrying out blasting and coating operations, site specific documents are written before work commences which are implemented by the team.

Structures and machinery that we blast and coat on site include:

  • Vessel hulls and superstructures
  • Marine plant and equipment
  • Tanks and reservoirs
  • Structural steelwork

Case Studies

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