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Wire Spooling & Tensioning

EKM Wire Spooling and Tensioning

Fishing and Offshore Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy Industries

The EKM Wire Spooling and Tensioning division was established to provide a specialist service to the fishing industry in whereby new wires could be spooled onto trawl winches under tension saving time, fuel and money to the vessel owners by not having to achieve this at sea prior to fishing.

Demand has seen us install the wires on new trawlers in shipyards as far away as Denmark with the service extended to take in customers in the offshore oil, gas and renewable sectors.

Our Spooling equipment is designed and manufactured by our EKM Winches Division who also custom design and manufacture spooling equipment for purchase.


The spooling and tensioning of trawl wires quayside saves the vessel owners time, fuel and money. Having the trawl wire correctly spooled and tensioned to the winch core means that controlled spooling will be achieved the minute the first trawl is shot.

The spooling and tensioning of trawl wires is carried out in the shipyard in the commissioning stage for new build vessels or quayside when replacing old wires with new on working vessels.

The spooling of trawl wires is carried out using a large capacity split winch with level wind powered by a diesel hydraulic power pack, tension can be variably applied up to 25 tons. The rig is designed to lift on and off our own flatbed crane lorry for ease of transportation and to be self-contained when on site.

We can supply trawling wires through our supply chain or work with your suppliers, old wire is removed from site by EK marine Ltd for Licensed disposal.

Offshore Oil, Gas & Renewables

Products that can be spooled under tension for the oil, gas and renewable energy industries include towing, mooring and lifting winch wires, synthetic ropes and subsea umbilical’s.

Spooling and tensioning is carried out quayside onto work and supply vessels or jack up rigs alternatively it can be carried out on the decks of larger production/ installation vessels or in plant yards.

Equipment supplied is dependent on the size and quantity of the product and the tension required, our hydraulic spooling machines can accommodate manufacturer’s reels and provide tensioning up to 50 tons.


Our personnel are trained and skilled in spooling operations, our technicians are fully conversant with the safe operation of our equipment and the deck equipment found on both fishing and offshore work vessels. Our Engineers have many years’ experience in both the fishing and offshore industries, they are conversant with the maintenance of spooling and deck equipment and the spooling requirements of each product and equipment type.


Spooling and tensioning operations are carried out under control conditions set out in our MSRA’s. Our site team work closely with the vessels personnel to perform the operation with our team leader maintaining visual / radio contact with our spooling technician and the vessels winch operator.

All operations are carried out as per our ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Equipment Design and Manufacture

The EKM Winch division can design and manufacture spooling and tensioning equipment for customers to carry out their own operations.

Specifications can be but are not limited to:

  • Split winch or cassete spooling.
  • Spooling units with adjustable support to accommodate spools of varying capacity.
  • Options for varying back tension up to 50 tons
  • ISO skid mounting with jack legs
  • Hydraulically or electrically driven by separate or integral power packs.

Case Studies

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