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Net Lorry

Case Studies

Net Lorry

Swan Net Gundry are a leading supplier and innovator of trawl nets and equipment, they operate on a worldwide scale and are headquartered in Killybegs County Donegal.

Trawl nets for Ireland are manufactured in their extensive Killybegs facility, they are then loaded onto a net transport lorry for delivery to site. The lorries are self loading and unloading by the means of a net reel mounted upon a telescopic knuckle boom crane feeding to and from a deep body.

Project Detail

EK Marine Ltd’s Design and Engineering Division designed and built Swan Nets latest net transport lorry around Scania’s latest 8 wheeled single cab chassis.

A 28t/m telescopic knuckle boom crane with 12m reach and remote controls was sourced from ACB hydraulics, this was mounted to the chassis and coupled to an EKM Power Net Reel. A flat bed was fabricated and mounted to the chassis. A demountable net storage bin was then design, and built, this would allow the truck to be used every day as a net delivery truck but where the need arises the bin can be demounted, the net reel uncoupled and the unit used as a flat bed crane lorry.

All steel work was blasted, metalised and coated with epoxy marine paint in Swan Nets own colours.

EK Marine Ltd can custom design and build trucks and bodies to handle and transport materials in the marine, agriculture, forestry and utilities sectors.

Division: Engineering
Client: Swan Net Gundry
Date: Summer 2013
Site: EK Marine Ltd
Location: Killybegs, County Donegal