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MFV Patrick C

Case Studies

MFV Patrick C

The 24m Patrick C is the first purpose designed and built prawn freezing trawler for the Irish fleet.

EK Marine Ltd designed, manufactured and installed the deck equipment and hydraulic control system working closely with the designer, Ove Christiansen of Vaersftet, the owners, Niall and Seamus Connolly of Cloghergead and the Builders Mooney Boats.

Project Detail

The MFV Patrick C has been a unique project in that it has seen a vessel designed in Denmark by Vaersftet of Hvide Sande being built by Mooney Boats on a hull fabricated at the Riga Shipyard in Latvia. EK Marine Ltd worked closely with the Designers, 2 ship yards, and the owners to design, manufacture and install the deck equipment package for this unique vessel.

3 x EKM Trawl Winches, 15t line pull with Level Wind and a drum capacity of 750 fathoms of 20mm wire

2 x EKM Double Split Net Drums 6m3 capacity with 11.5 ton pull

2 x EKM Gilson Winches 5 ton line pull each with drum capacity of 100m of 20mm wire

1 x EKM Landing Crane 8m fixed boom lifting capacity of 1 ton @ 8m and capable of 360 degree continuous slewing.

Load sensing hydraulic system which includes a wheelhouse control system consisting of 2 speed directional control for the 5 winches and 2 net drums and the vessels bow thruster.. An auto shoot, auto haul, auto trawl computer system has been incorporated in to the console providing the skipper with the option to operate the 3 main trawl winches automatically.

The cooperation between all parties involved in the vessel and the superb build quality achieved means that this is a vessel that will not remain unique in the Irish fleet.

Division: Winches & Marine Cranes
Client: Niall & Seamus Connolly
Date: December 2014
Shipyard: Mooney Boats
Location: Killybegs County Donegal