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Malinbeg Slipway Winch

Case Studies

Donegal County Council New Winch for Malinbeg Slipway

EK Marine Ltd won a competetive tender to supply Donegal  County Council a new slipway winch to launch and recover the fishing boats operating from Malinbeg.

EK Marine Ltd worked with the Councils Engineering department to design a winch  capable of servicing the fishermans requirements, the winches specification is:

EK Marine Slipway Winch

Pulling capacity: 3 tons @ core

Wire Capacity: 300mm of 13mm wire

Drive: Hydraulic motor via reduction gear box

Clutch: Manually operated dog clutch to allow for free wheeling to pay out wire

Brake: Manually operated band brake and hydrostatic hydraulic

Protection: Aluminium guards

Manual controls mounted on pedestal beside winch for safe operation.

EKM specification coatings to winch and frame comprising

Shot blasting to SA2.5, metalising and painting with 2 pack marine epoxy paint

The winch was mounted to a base plate at EK Marines workshop and installed on the pier together with a new 3 phase electric power pack and hydraulic piping.

Division: Winches
Client: Donegal County Council
Date: Spring 2021
Location: Malinbeg