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MFV Retriever

Case Studies

MFV Retriever

MFV Retriever is a  trawler which fishes the grounds off the East coast of the USA.

EK Marine Ltd designed, manufactured and installed a knuckle boom power block crane to increase the fishing capability and efficiency of the vessel on behalf of its owners Loper Bright Enterprises.

Project Detail

EKM Knuckle boom crane with folding power block.

Lifting Capacity: 1.5t @ 9.5mm

Slewing Type: Marine spec stainless steel slew ring

Slewing Capacity: 360 degree continuous

Controls: Radio remote control

Steel: Hardox plate

Pins: Stainless Steel

Piston Rods: Stainless Steel

Hydraulic Piping and Fittings: Stainless steel


Surface Treatment

Shot blasting to Grade SA 2.5 – 3.0 / ISO  Standard

Zinc Metalising – Thickness 80µ

Painting with International  Marine epoxy paint system

Primer – Thickness 20 µ

First Coat – Thickness 80 µ

Top Coat – Thickness 50 µ


Division: Marine Cranes
Client:  Loper Bright Enterprise
Date: June 2022
Location: Cape May East Coast USA