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MFV Diligent Jo

Case Studies

MFV Diligent Jo

The 16m Diligent Jo is a twin rigged trawler designed to fish for a variety of species along the South and East coats of the U.K.

EK Marine Ltd designed, manufactured and installed the deck equipment and hydraulic control system working closely with the designer, S C McAllister, the owner Rodger Klynn of Lowestoft and the Builders Arklow Marine Ltd

Project Detail

EK Marine Ltd designed and  manufactured the deck equipment and specified the load sensing hydraulic control system which we installed at Arklow Marine Ltd.

3 x EKM Split Trawl Winches, 8t line pull with diamond scroll guiding on, and servo assisted fail safe band brakes.

2 x EKM Double Split Net Drums 5 ton core pull


1 x EKM Landing Crane 6m fixed boom lifting capacity of 0.5 ton @ 6m and capable of 360 degree slewing.

Division: Winches & Marine Cranes
Client: Rodger Klynn
Date: September 2017
Shipyard: Arklow Marine Ltd
Location: Arklow, County Wicklow, Ireland.